After an epiphany over the weekend I have finally decided upon what this site and blog are going to be all about. The aim of this site will be to provide inspirational examples of organisational change for social, economic and environmental sustainability. Negative news stories in this space are plentiful, I will offer an alternative. This blog will be filled with examples that you can use to drive change in your organisation.

The blog will cover systems such as The Natural Step and the Global Reporting Initiative and also profile high acheivers in the field of sustainability such as Paul Hawken and Suzanne Benn.

If you have suggested examples to be featured here please email them to me via the contact page.


Jud Hampson

How will you inspire organisational change for social, economic and environmental sustainability?


This blog is an attempt to engage in a hobby that draws connections between the many other facets of my life. Point to point communication isn't keeping up anymore so this also gives me a way of keeping in touch. Topics of interest to me that I feel like writing about are as follows:

Project Management
Leadership and Management
Personal Finance
Aussie Rules Football
Renewable energy
Energy efficiency
Home maintenance
Human rights
Working remotely
Open source software
Book reviews (non-fiction)
Film reviews

That is probably broad enough for now. I couldn't' consider this list particularly constraining but I won't rule our spinning off on other tangents from time to time.

The next instalment will be focussing on 'Settling Down'.




In the beginning there was a Weebly web site. Too easy. Well done to the folks at Weebly for extracting that cash so painlessly. I have toyed with the idea of a website for over a year now and they were the first to be able to convince me. Now I just have to work out how to use this thing semi-competently so that I can start enjoying what it offers.

I will touch base again when I have learnt a bit more about this and have more to say about the experience. For now all I can say is that it is a pretty good feeling having a website as I have anticipated this opportunity for some time.